Current post: 6 Killer Ways to Promote Your E-Commerce Business on Facebook

Facebook is the king of Social Media. It is difficult to deny this statement undoubtedly. If you are retailer or an e-commerce business, how will you promote your business on Facebook? It is not a rocket science once you understand the customer journey and match that with the options available on Facebook to promote your retail or e-commerce business.

There are three stages in acquiring new customers on facebook. Awareness, Consideration and Decision Making.

At the Awareness stage you get the message on top of your customers mind.

At the Acquisition or consideration stage you ignite interest and find more shoppers.

At the Decision Making or Sales stage, you will turn those customers into sales, make them buy your products.

1. Start with Product Catalogue

Start with the product catalogue. If you listed your products on Shopify, Woo commerce, Big Commerce, Magento or Google, you add them to catalogue section and create exhilarating product showcase.

2. Add a Shop Section to the page.

Shop section allows you to display your products with price in style. Facebook Fans can send messages to you if they are looking to buy products from you.

3. Create Brand Awareness

Create brand awareness among your potential buyers by promoting your products by using “Brand Awareness” ad type of Facebook.

4. Store Visits

If you are an e-commerce store also having offline Retail outlets, you can plan for store visits targeting people living in your locality.

5. Drive Traffic to your E-Commerce Website

You can drive traffic to e-commerce website using the traffic ad options in Facebook. You can optimize the campaign for Link Clicks or landing page views based on your objective. If you choose Link Clicks, Facebook will show the ads to fans who have clicked links in the past  (Behavioral Targeting) and if you choose landing page views, Facebook will optimize and show the ad to people who will be visiting your e-commerce website.

6. Conversions

With Conversions option you can optimize the Facebook ad to target people who are likely to buy your products, or in other words Engaged Shoppers. Check out the Screenshot below.

What are your thoughts on promoting the E-Commerce business through Facebook? Let us know in the comments section!

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