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This blog gives you some practical tips on using digital marketing for hospitals.

As more and more users are turning online to research their health-related problems, it is essential that the Hospital promotes its services online. 

Gone are the days were the website was used only for providing information. It was used as an online brochure.

But in the past few years, hospitals are using websites to provide information on doctors, treatments and book appointments.

Here are few tips on the Digital Marketing Strategy for hospitals.

Digital Marketing Approach for Hospitals

First Set Goals for your Digital Marketing Promotions. Goals are nothing but what are you trying to achieve through digital marketing?

  • Build Community, Create Awareness, Build Brand and Engage with prospective patients?
  • Increase Your Market Share?
  • Venture into New Markets?
  • Generate Leads Using Digital marketing Channels?

Once you have set goals, start working towards the strategy or the plan of action to achieve those goals.

Let us look at the Strategies for Each and Every goal with few examples.

1. Building Community, Creating Awareness, Building Brand and Engaging with prospective patients


What are the simple steps? Let’s also look at some examples.

You should be already having social media pages. If not so… create one on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and also a YouTube Channel.

Using Social Media

On Facebook

Build Relevant Community Using Page Like Campaign.

Choose the key areas are the vital treatments provided by your hospital. List them down. For example…

  1. Diabetic Treatment
  2. Neurology
  3. Master Health Checkup
  4. Pediatric Services

So for Diabetic treatment, target who search for diabetic mellitus, diabetes, and relevant interests on Facebook.

For Pediatric Services, you can target Parents who have Newborn children and children in the age group from 0 to 8. (Yes it is possible through facebook!)

Once you do this you will have a relevant community which will follow your posts and engage with your posts regularly.

Creating Awareness, Building Brand, and Engaging with Prospective Patients.

A few examples will be worth than explanatory content.

Live Sessions on Facebook

You can do live sessions on Facebook with doctors, where the Facebook followers will ask questions on their health-related problems.

These live sessions can be promoted on Facebook, well in advance by creating awareness posts and boosting them.

Portea Medical does this on a regular basis


Ask Me Anything: Snoring Myths and Realities

Live Talk On Snoring:Myths and Realities With Dr. Radhamadhab Sahu.Please feel free to ask your queries..!!

Posted by Portea Medical on Wednesday, April 4, 2018



Create Micro-Infographics and post it on Facebook like the one given below.


2. Increase Market Share


How to increase market share online? How do you measure your current market share on digital marketing?

Impression Share of your Primary Keywords

One simple method is to look at the no of impression your primary keyword gets.

For example one of your primary keyword is “boarding school” just look at the total number of impressions your keyword is getting and the no of impressions you get for the keyword “boarding school” on your website.


Let me show you a step by step process.

For Example: The Total Number of impressions the keyword “boarding school” receives from India is shown below. (Source: Google Keyword Planner)


Location Wise Market Share of the Keyword “boarding school”



Find out your market share for the keyword “boarding school” using google webmaster tool.


Reference URL:



The above-mentioned website has received 37 impressions for the keyword “boarding school” from India in the month of March 2018.

Now let us do the math.

Market Share = No of Impressions the keyword received on the            website/Total No of Impressions for the keyword x 100


                            = 0.008%

0.008% is the Market share the website holds for the keyword

“Boarding School”

Note: The Data given for impressions is average for a month and the same has been taken for google keyword planner and google analytics.

How to increase the Market share

Now the big question running on your mind is how to increase market share for your hospital?

  • Step 1: List down the primary keywords for your hospital
  • Step 2: Find out the total number of impressions and the current impressions your website receives for the primary keywords.
  • Step 3: Use PPC Marketing after setting up the target Market share you want to achieve month on month and the budget required to achieve the same.
  • Step 4: Rank your website for the target keywords on the first page of google to increase the impressions and the market share for the impressions.

Calculating Market Share on Social Media Channels.

Now how to set a process for social media channels? What if, if your CEO is asking for the market share on social media channels.

Simple! Let us take the no of followers as the Measurement KPI.

Find the below-given screenshot which shows the potential audience for a hospital.

The Market Share on Facebook = No of Followers on FB Page/No of the potential audience for your business on Facebook x 100

In the above-mentioned case, the potential audience for the hospital is 9,50,000. These are people living in and around 5 km from their hospital and those who have shown interest in the services the hospital offers.

So decide the market share you want to achieve and start building likes for the potential audience month on month by allocating a budget.


3. Venturing Into New Markets

Now is your business goal is to venture into new markets? Want to reach out to International Audience and generate enquiries and promote Medical tourism? You can do that with digital marketing channels!

What are the Channels?

The Best way to reach out to your target audience is through PPC marketing! If somebody is looking for treatments for their ailments in India, obviously they should doing some research online.

You can also reach out to doctors and agents abroad to set up channel partners who will recommend your hospital for such treatments.

PPC Marketing for International Patient Care

One of the effective ways to reach out to your target audience abroad and in new markets is Pay Per Click Marketing.

It has its own benefits. You don’t have to struggle with SEO for months together to list your keywords on top. You can get instant results with PPC Marketing.

Decide the objective first. Whether you want users to submit their medical reports, or want to have a doctor talk to them at first over the phone or skype for initial consultation, or just generate leads by filling out a form.

Then design a landing page accordingly and start generating leads. The no of impressions and its market share can show you the brand equity which you are deriving out of the PPC Marketing.

Building Community Abroad On Facebook

The Same way you build your community at your locality, you can also target Facebook fans from the countries where you want to promote your hospital.

Find out the potential audience based on their demographics and their interest, and then set a target on the number of followers you want to build (or) the market share you want to achieve on Facebook Followers.

Run “Page Like” Campaign and build followers.

Appear on the First Page of Search Results

Appear on the first page of search results by optimizing your website for search engines. It provides 24/7 free promotion and you can start generating organic leads.

SEO is not just for leads, but also to increase your website traffic, educate your customers and carry them towards the buyers journey.

Try Influencer Marketing

Try to build connections with Doctors and specialists on LinkedIn and Twitter from the country which you are targeting. They might refer patients to you in the due course. This way you can build strong referral network.

By using twitter, you can identify micro and macro influencers, who belong to health care industry and ask them to retweet your contents. You can find twitter influencers organically by sweating or use tools like hyprbrands or TweetDeck.

Target Health and Wellness Bloggers

Alltop is one place where you can find influential bloggers. Google can give you a mixed result but the better way is to find out bloggers via Alltop and Buzzsumo. Find them out and ask them to share your content.

Write Blogs and Case Studies on International Patient Care.

Write blogs and case studies about the international patients who visit your hospital. Nothing like a good case study works out as a proof of customer testimonial and for the ability of your hospital to cure patients.

Have your Doctors Talk on YouTube Channel and promote them!

Have your doctors talk and explain about the treatments your hospital provides and host them on the YouTube channel. Embed them in the blogs and case studies on your website to increase video views.

This will increase your dwell time and also will help SEO!

Create Landing pages for International Patient Care! Create a Separate landing page for international patients. Provide information related to them with necessary form fields for them to get in touch with you. Please find the screenshot of a classic landing page created by seven hills hospitals.



4. Generate Leads Using Digital Marketing Channels

Generate Leads using Facebook and Adwords. These are the two best tools to start generating leads instantly. Add the leads to your Email marketing list and keep your hospital on the top of their mind.

Find a Screenshot of Facebook Lead form as given below.


Do you have any inputs to Share? Mention it in the comments section below!



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