Current post: How to Build Facebook Audience Using Google Analytics

Have you recently started using Facebook for marketing your business?  Are you confused about building the audience for your business page?

What are the right targeting options? How to build an active community which will convert into paying customers?

If you are asking these questions, it means you are laying your foundation for successful Facebook marketing. Instead of running a page like campaign based on assumptions, adopt a focused approach.

To Start with, answer these fundamental questions.

Who are your Customers? Which age brackets do they fall into? Where do they live? What are they interested in?What is their lifestyle? What are their goals and challenges?

These are the few things you should know.  How to find this out? The easiest way to find these information’s is from “Google Analytics.”

How to find your audience using Google Analytics?

Let’s take a look at the Insights from a UK based Cab Operator “”

How to Find the Age and Gender?

Sign in with Google Analytics….Go to Reporting→Audience→Demographics.

Select age and choose the gender from the user’s section in the secondary dimension.

From the screenshot, you can see that audience between the age group of 25-54 form the significant chunk. You can still break down into the age groups and narrow down your target audience.

Age and Gender In Google Analytics

How to find the Location?

Go to Geo→Location

You can view the audience location by country, city, continent, and sub-continent. Choose the “City” option to get a granular picture.City Google Analytics

From exhibit 2 you can see “London City” topping the list. Choose the cities from where you get a decent amount of traffic. Doing so will help you to allocate Ad budget based on the traffic volume. 

To Find the Interests of your Audience

There are three types of interests in Google analytics

  1. Affinity Category
  2. In-Market Segment
  3. Other Categories.

Choose In-Market segments, because they show the product purchase interest of the audience who visit your website.

In Market Segment Google Analytics

From the screenshot, we can see that audience who visit are researching on Travels, Hotels & Accommodations, Air Travel, Employment and trips to Europe

 To find out the Device used by your Target Audience

It is better to know from which device your target audience visit your website. This will help in choosing the right placement for your Facebook ads to show up.

Devices Google Analytics

You can see that 60.06% of traffic is coming from desktops. But don’t forget that your customer can like the facebook page from a mobile device. Later on, he or she can browse your website from a desktop.

To Sum up…

So if you were to run a facebook page like campaign for, the targeting option might look like this.

  1. Age Group 25-54, both male and female
  2. Give priority to London and allocate your budgets after grouping other cities together based on the traffic volume.
  3. Narrow down the Audience who are Interested in Travel, Air Travel, Employment and Trips to Europe.

What is your take on this? Do you have any inputs to give? Then share it in the comment section.

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