Current post: Simple Ways To Generate Leads Using Facebook

Facebook has undoubtedly emerged as a useful tool for small business owners, local businesses, many aspiring start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Those who don’t have budgets to create a website and promote it, facebook business page serves as an effective online promotion tool.

Facebook has over a period been adding options to help local businesses to reach out to the facebook fans living nearby.

Those who have been regularly following up with Facebook updates would have noticed new options to publish posts. These new options give marketers simplified ways to generate leads, inquiries and build conversations with their potential customers. Check out the GIF image.

Facebook Post Options

“Get Phone Calls”, “Get Messages” and “Help people find your business” options can be used to create local awareness, generate leads and inquiries, and get people to visit your store.

Get Phone Calls

Create a post with “Call Now” option, to get phone calls from people who are interested in your products and services. This option is great for restaurants and food chains which take orders over the phone. Check out the GIF image to see how the “Call Now” options works.

Facebook Call Now Option

Get Messages

Get Messages” option lets you create the Facebook post with a CTA “Send Message.” This option can be used to build a conversation with your audience directly. Check out the step by step guide on GIF Image.

Facebook Send Message Option

Where and when you can use this Option

  1. To take customer feedback
  2. To run timeline contests and promotions
  3. Answer customer queries

Help People to find your business

This option will help you to reach out to the facebook fans living nearby and will guide them to reach your physical outlet.Check out the GIF image of how it works.

Facebook Get Directions Option

Your Turn

What do you think of these options? Let me know in the comments section.

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